The Stock Market Orgasm (For Singles & Couples)

CEO’s are aware that employees who have a healthy love life make the best leaders and are the most productive. It goes without saying that companies provide training at work for employees to be skilled, but how about training at home to be skilled in the art of love? Happiness in the bedroom can lead to more profits in the corporation.

Here’s an opportunity to invest in your love life so that it is as successful as your work life. It’s about having balance mentally, physically, emotionally and sexually and making love a priority because nothing gives us more pleasure than giving and receiving love.

The Stock Market Orgasm is a unique lovemaking system that combines sensual skills such as intimate communicate and the six stages of touch with sexual techniques such as G-spot stimulation and separating orgasm from ejaculation.

Dedication to the long-term results in your stock market decision-making is more rewarding and satisfying. Why should your approach to lovemaking be any different? Calculate your “buys” and “sells” and enjoy a “Healthy Sexual Economy“.

Follow Dr. Ava Cadell through a series of “market cycles” – exercises and techniques to maximize the rewards of intimate sexual relationships. Don’t be a short term investor in love. There will be no “quickie” trips tolerated here. Long-term investors make the best lovers. You will be taught the pleasure of the whole journey, learning from the experience of the market’s “ups” and “downs ” along the way. The Stock Market Orgasm book is available for extra take-home value.

Topics Include:

  • The secrets to building your relationship portfolio with yin and yang energy
  • Balance your portfolio through the art of intimate communication
  • Make investments in your sexual portfolio with a variety of positions
  • Enjoy a healthy sexual economy by heightening all five of your senses
  • Relish the Bull market with the TriGasm!

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