Sexual Healing is for singles and couples who want to heal from past relationships, forgive current partners, are recovering from illness or disease, suffer from emotional distress or physical pain, including but not limited to: Psoriasis, Cancer, Heart Disease, Erectile Dysfunctions, Painful Intercourse, Prostate Surgery and Lack of Desire.

One of the most important first steps toward the goal of moving past any sexual shortcomings in your life, along with any emotional distress, is to start having the right relationship with yourself and your own body. Love, desire, sexuality, and the like all begins with YOU.

Sexual Healing uses the Tantric elements of breath, sound, movement, muscle lock, intention, and attention to allow you to open your mind, your body, and your spirit so that you can let love in.

Here are a few specific benefits you’ll receive from our amazing day together:

  • Learn how to own your sexual, emotional, and physical power
  • Learn techniques on not just “what” but “how” to communicate intimately
  • Integrate mind/body/spirit in everyday situations
  • Share and exchange Yin & Yang energy
  • Learn how to lower your blood pressure and stress hormone levels through breath exercises
  • Experience healing energy of touch that supports flow of blood and lymph
  • Make sounds that have the ability to decrease pain
  • Breakthrough inhibitions by releasing vibrations
  • Look into your partner’s soul for a deeper heart connection
  • Learn self-hypnosis to release blocked energy
  • G-spot exploration to help repair sexual dysfunction
  • Discover the Venus Butterfly, first practiced in India 3000 B.C. to release sexual energy
  • Explore the male Hero spot and stimulate it for emotional release
  • Separate male orgasm from ejaculation to make love last longer
  • According to the American Institute of Stress, up to 90% of all health problems are related to stress. Here’s an opportunity for you to avoid being just another statistic and learn how to avoid the stress in your life so that you can heal yourself.

Interested in one of our seminars?

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