Passion Power (For Women Only)

Dr. Ava loves to empower women and shares unique ways to take care of ourselves through the art of pleasure, thereby empowering ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally & sexually.

For example, IRA is not a Retirement Account, but an Investment in Your Future Wellbeing & the Secret to Empowerment through the Art of Pleasure with Rewards that will Result in More: Confidence, Security, Power, Independence, Happiness and Fulfillment.

Do you wonder if you’re really satisfying yourself and your lover? Have questions about sex you’d rather not ask a friend? Wish there was a class that could teach you sexual skills; you know, the stuff that nobody ever taught you?

There is! In this candid, no-holds-barred seminar, developed by a woman for women, Dr. Ava will answer all your most intimate questions and teach you sensual techniques designed to both empower you and guarantee your lover’s satisfaction. Beginning with learning to love every inch of yourself regardless of your size is one of the most beneficial gifts you can give yourself, and once you know how beautiful your are, you will be more aware of what arouses you and can give yourself permission to surrender to the pleasures you deserve!

This class is for women who want to teach their partner how to be more romantic and intimate, as well as women who love sex and want to be less inhibited about sex, and for those who want to enjoy sex without feelings of guilt or shame.

Topics Include:

  • What makes a man love a woman
  • How to unleash your feminine power
  • How to play into your lover’s fantasies
  • Discovering all of his erogenous zones
  • Expressing your physical, emotional and sexual boundaries
  • Learning what men want to hear in bed
  • New sexual techniques and positions
  • How to introduce love toys for his pleasure and yours
  • Finding and stimulating his hero spot
  • Multiple orgasms for both of you
  • Steps to sexual satisfaction

Keeping the flames of passion burning…and much more!

Interested in one of our seminars?

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