Passion Power (For Men Only)

In this fun, informative class you’ll discover what women wish you knew about them – but rarely tell you. Dr. Ava will answer all your questions, ease your anxieties with frank discussions about what women really want, and teach you new techniques guaranteed to satisfy any woman.

Did you know the majority of women say that they prefer sensuality to sexuality? So how can you learn about these most desired sensual techniques? Chances are you won’t get the right information from your ill-informed friends or adult videos. There is a better way. The best news is that when you learn to satisfy her sensual needs, she will readily satisfy your sexual needs.

Dr. Ava will share secrets to fulfilling your partner’s needs by harmonizing sensual techniques that will tease her and drive her wild, incorporating sexual activities to keep you satisfied too. This class is for men who want to learn the secrets of how to completely satisfy a woman and become known as a true sexpert.

Topics Include:

  • The definition of “intimacy”
  • What women need in a man
  • How to find all her erogenous zones
  • How satisfying her can increase your pleasure
  • What women want to hear in bed
  • The G-spot mystery solved
  • Making love last longer
  • Multiple orgasms for you and her
  • Sexual stresses no more
  • 3 tips to sexual success

Making Safe Sex, Erotic!

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