Dr. Ava’s Inventions

Dr. Ava’s TriGasm

The TriGasm can arouse three points of pleasure- the Clitoris, the G-spot and the Anus – all simultaneously with multi-functions and multi-speeds. The TriGasm vibrator has three separate attachments, one of which is completely detachable for strategic placement. The TriGasm has vibration and pulsating action. Users are in control of the pressure, depth and intensity. The result is the most intense, satisfying, earth-shattering, full-body orgasm a woman has ever experienced.

Dr. Ava’s Tantric Lovers Game

Dr. Ava’s Tantric Lovers Game is an experience for the two of you to learn Tantra and achieve that “ultimate” connectedness. Created for any loving couple (from 18 to 80), this fun and easy-to-play game presents basic and advanced Tantric techniques and activities enabling the two of you to expand your sensual and sexual horizons. You will appreciate each other and discover a richer, more rewarding life together, and a more gratifying emotional bonding.
For a Woman, the game enables her to feel sexually empowered, fulfilling and satisfying her needs and desires (as well as her lover’s). For a Man, it provides him with tools to become multi-orgasmic and to satisfy, cherish and please his lover in intimate ways she can genuinely appreciate. For a Couple, the experience can expand or rekindle your love, intensify passion, enrich and enlighten your relationship. Did I mention prolonged, mind-blowing, sensual sex?
Included in The Tantric Lovers Game: Instructions, a Two-sided Game Board, 2 Glass Playing Pieces, a Timer, a Die, a Chakra Chart and a 2 oz. Raspberry Edible Lubricant.

Dr. Ava’s Naughty Cards

Dr. Ava’s Amazing Cunnilingus Instructional Deck

Did you know that more than half of women orgasm through oral sex? So if you’re looking to improve your cunnilingus techniques and feel like the same-old licks aren’t doing it for her anymore, then you need Cunnilingus Cards from Zero Tolerance Toys. Renowned ‘Sexpert’ Dr. Ava Cadell shares with you 52 explicit techniques that tell you exactly what to do with your tongue, fingers and even toys! from doing the Cha Cha with your tongue to writing the alphabet all over her vulva. Acting on these inspirational instructions will bring you and your partner to dizzying heights of pleasure with the most amazing oral sex of your life!

Dr. Ava’s Amazing Fellatio Instructional Deck

If you’re looking to improve your oral sex game, arm yourself with these 52 tips for better fellatio! Each card contains a new helpful gem of advice personally approved by world renowned ‘Sexpert’ Dr. Ava Cadell. Take the guesswork out of oral pleasure and sharpen your technique with these incredibly useful and super sexy playing cards. You will learn techniques like tea bagging, eating juicy fruits off your man’s pride and joy, to using your hand as an extension of your mouth. You will become a fellatio expert and he will want to please you as much as you’ve pleased him.

Dr. Ava’s Fantasy Role-Playing Cards

The Fantasy Role Playing Cards can be your own personal sex toy, capable of enhancing your relationship by expanding your sexual activities together. With 26 Male Fantasy Characters, such as a Cowboy, Butler, and sexy Pirate that give you instructions on when, where, why, what to wear, props, body language and how to act to make your fantasy a reality. There are also 26 Female Fantasy Characters such as a sexy cat, dominatrix, nurse and French maid, so there are enough fantasies to be fulfilled for an entire year if you play once a week. The goal is for the two of you to experience as many role-playing characters as you can through the Fantasy Role Playing Game and have fun doing it. When couple’s role-play together and act out each other’s fantasies, they gain a better understanding of what the other wants, needs, desires and fears. Role-playing sexual fantasies are healthy, fun and natural for couples dating or for those in a committed relationship of any orientation. Fantasies can rekindle passion, raise a diminished libido, boost intimacy, are an exciting avenue of escape, heighten enjoyment of sex, opens you up to new activities and can turn sex into adult play.

Dr. Ava’s BDSM Playing Cards

The BDSM Cards can be a fun way to experiment with power play for couples.
The playing cards features 52 different activities for dominance and submissive role play. Sample card the Queen of Hearts: power play spanking: the subs hands together, elbows on bed, feet apart on the ground, biting down on the base of the whip/crop. Dom gives 4 opened hand spanks on each cheek. Looking to expand your erotic horizons to include some naughty power play? This deck of BDSM playing cards will give you and your lover fifty-two ideas to try at home! Learn fun ways to tie each other up, make demands, offer rewards and punishments, and use blindfolds for an extra-sensory experience! Divided into four suits, they cover Female Domination, Female Submission, Male Domination and Male Submission, so you’re sure to find the right combination for your sensual relationship. Let these power play tips guide you on your journey of sexual exploration!


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