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Since earning an MA in Human Behavior Counseling from Newport University, followed by a Ph.D., in Philosophy and Ed.D., in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, Dr. Ava’s mission has been to promote the benefits of healthy love and intimacy to individuals and couples around the globe. In the last twenty years she has lectured and counseled to over 100,000 people worldwide from Africa, Australia, Austria, Bermuda, Canada, China, Cyprus, El Salvador, England, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius Islands, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, and all over the US.  As an AASECT Certified Sex Counselor, Dr. Ava has professional qualifications that demonstrate stringent requirements for training and experience have been met and she maintains a private practice in Los Angeles where she works with clients on love, romance, relationship, intimacy and sexual issues. However, when she is unavailable due to her busy schedule, Dr. Ava offers educational resources such as her Certified Love Coach, Master Sexpert or Relationship and Intimacy Expert programs at or her book, Confessions to a Sexologist filled with case histories of client’s fears and desires in search of sexual fulfillment and NeuroLoveology packed with over 100 exercises to help grow your brain cells and your relationship. None of Dr. Ava’s courses, programs or books are to be used as a replacement for professional counseling or therapy, so when Dr. Ava is unavailable to work with clients she refers them to certified or licensed therapists, sexologists or counselors.

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