When You Need A Girlfriend To Chat

Chicago Tribune
July 27, 2000 Thursday
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When You Need A Girlfriend To Chat
By Sheri L. Ziemann.

What woman doesn’t need a girlfriend? Someone with whom to share secrets, discuss men, commiserate about work, finances or sex? Girlfriendsguide.com is just the place to find such camaraderie. Enjoy the benefits of privacy and timing plus access to a variety of girlfriends. Meet Vicki and her crew and discover mini-channels such as “Pregnancy,” “Single Moms,” “Your Kids” and “Me, Myself and I.”Top-name chat guests are posted, from an upcoming Celebrity Chat with Maria Shriver to the Friday Night Whine Chat with sex expert Dr. Ava Cadell.The site is establishing a community, so there are lots of opportunities for user input. For example, a chance to finish a sentence: “I knew I’d found the right nanny/caregiver for my child when…”Nearby is an article by a mom who struggled with hiring a nanny with limited English and found some great advantages in doing so.Girlfriendsguide.com has a warm, comfortable feeling to it, like someone who understands just what you mean. It’s clear, offers a nice variety and shows promise as members of the community participate. Now, is there someone on-line who could tell whether these shoes look right with this outfit?