Jen and Vince Back On

US Weekly
May 7, 2007

Jen & Vince Back On?
Is Friends With Benefits Healthy?

Can Aniston and Vaughn Make a no-strings-attached relationship work – or are they headed toward heart break? Us talks to L.A.-based psychologist Ava Cadell.

What’s Good
They respect each other. “It’s difficult for people who have been in a sexual relationship to remain friends, says Cadell. “So the fact that they did remain friends really shows good character and good stability.” Could this casual arrangement work? “It all depends on what their intentions are,” says Cadell. “It’s healthy, as long as they both want to do it and it feels good.”

Possible problems
“If, for example, Jennifer called Vince because she wants to make a commitment, and he doesn’t, then she’s going to get hurt,” says Cadell.