What Women Want In Bed

Star Magazine
Feb 2001

Hollywood screenwriters were way off the mark in the movie What Women Want when they showed Helen Hunt and Marisa Tomei falling for Mel Gibson, says sex expert Dr. Ava Cadell, Ph.D.

In the film, Mel plays wiseguy advertising executive Nick Marshall, who discovers he can hear women’s thoughts following a freak accident. He decides to use his telepathic powers to seduce his boss, played by Helen Hunt, and a pretty waitress, played by Marisa Tomei.

“These girls go weak at the knees for Mel’s character in a matter of minutes,” says Cadell, who has written several best-selling sex guides and hosts a monthly seminar in Hollywood called “What Women Really Want in Bed”. “But in real life, they would never have fallen for him like that-even if he could read their minds!”

Helen’s character, power-hungry advertising boss Darcy Maguire, would have thought twice about sleeping with Mel’s character. “In the real world, someone in her shoes would be extremely cautious about sleeping with a more junior employee-especially on a first date,” says Cadell. “Career women have to fight every step of the way to get to the top of their professions, and they’d be very foolish to risk it all by sleeping with co-workers they hardly know. “In reality, Mel would have had to seduce his boss over the course of weeks, months or even years-just to get a date.”

Marisa Tomei plays a waitress and wannabe actress named Lola who throws herself at Mel. “Marisa’s character is desperate to be swept off her feet by a good-looking guy who can help her fulfill her dream of becoming a successful actress,” says Cadell. “She longs for a husband who can take care of her financially so she can fulfill her dream of becoming an actress. “But in the film, Lola makes the fatal mistake of begging Mel not to dump her after they’ve had sex. “In the real world, every woman knows she should never appear so needy and desperate-gals know that’s an immediate turnoff for guys!”

Delta Burke plays ditzy office assistant and former beauty queen Eve in the movie. When Mel tries to tap into what she’s thinking-all he can hear is dead silence!

“This is hilarious in the film,” says Cadell. “But in a real-life office, Delta’s character would be making a serious play to get her claws into a guy like Mel. “Dating her boss would be such a conquest for her that she’d be using all her feminine charms at every opportunity to get him to notice her!”