“Play with your Food”
By: Denise Foley

February 2006

“Here’s what the experts advise for some romantic food play”

Create your own menu

You think oysters are a turn-on; your partner would rather chug Drano than raw shellfish. Don’t be bound by tradition. “Find out what you partner likes–don’t just guess,” says sex counselor and researcher Beverly Whipple, PhD, a professor emerita at Rutgers University and coauthor of The G Spot: And Other Discoveries About Human Sexuality. . “You don’t want to get that wrong.” You can find some help – and some recipes – from cookbooks such as Booty Food by: the Food Network’s sex symbol, Jacqui Malouf, or Intercourse’s: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook by: Martha Hopkins and Randall Lockridge (which contains some luscious food porn shots by Ben Fink).

Cook For One Another

What’s nurturing can also be sexy, says Malouf. Her husband, she says, . “wooed me with food.” When he invited her to his place for dinner, he was making fettuccine noodles from scratch. “He rolled out the dough in front of me, taught me how to cut it, and showed me how to make his grandmother’s tomato butter sauce. It was so intimate, such a window into him and how he moves through life, that I knew right away this was the guy.”

Don’t Forget Presentation

Not all food requires a table setting. “Turn your lover into dessert with chocolate saucer or Jell-O or ripe mango – and lick it off,” suggests sexologist Ava Cadell PhD, EdD, who before she earned her doctorates, was a pinup; her internet celebrity photos might get flagged by your website blocker. (“From sex symbol to sex expert is a nice progression,” she quips.)

Engage All Your Senses

Taste is important, but so are aroma and touch – and a little mood music wouldn’t hurt either. “People are such head-dwellers that whatever you can do to get them into their bodies makes sex better,” says herb expert Douglas Schar. “A switch flips in their brains, and they shift out of intellect and into horn dog.” Try some Moroccan food. Fragrant with exotic spices and eaten with the fingers, it will indulge many of your senses and possibly rock your casbah.

You be Lady, he’ll be the Tramp

When we reached Cadell, she was wrapping up filming for a TV series she’s starring in called The Science of Sex, to be released in the United Kingdom. “Today we shot two lovers eating a stalk of asparagus,” she explained. “The woman started on one end, the man at the other, and they met in the middle. That’s a very, very sexy thing to do.” By now it should be clear that you don’t really need scientific studies to prove that food is edible erotica. You just need an adventurous spirit and a little spreadable chocolate. “The FDA would call aphrodisiacs a lot of bunk,” says Malouf. “But I’ve never wanted to date anyone who worked for the FDA.”