Q and A

November 1998

As a board certified clinical sexologist who has published a series of seductive books, launched a sensual website, hosted steamy talk shows and taught men and women across the globe how to find more pleasure in the sack, Dr. Ava Cadell truly lives and breathes sex. This month, Ava – whose latest book is Love Around the House – discusses creative uses for honey and why Americans are so damn uptight when it comes to the big nasty.

PLAYGIRL: What sets you apart from other sex experts?

AVA: I’m from Europe and I’ve traveled the world extensively so I’m aware of different cultures. Also, I’m non- judgmental. I have three philosophies. The first is that anything between consenting adults goes, no matter how kinky it is. Second, sex is the best thing for your health whether it be for your heart or your creative juices. It’s also a sedative and can even fight constipation. Lastly, sex is the greatest gift that we have to share with another worthy human being.

PLAYGIRL: How do American and European sexual attitudes differ?

AVA: Americans have double standards. They love to talk about sex but they don’t necessarily like to do it. Americans live in a very repressed society and yet they just love sexual scandals. But the good thing about that is they’re at least talking more openly about sex. I think we should be able to talk about it just like we talk about food.

PLAYGIRL: Why did you decide to write Love Around the House?

AVA: I wanted to write a book for couples who long to be more creative, but don’t necessarily want to go to a sex emporium and buy something that vibrates, so I thought, why not look around every room in the house and see how they can incorporate their furniture, kitchen utensils, wardrobe and food into creative foreplay?

PLAYGIRL: What are your favorite tips?

AVA: Always play with all five senses; because if you leave out just one, you’re missing out on 20 percent of pleasure. I also love using food because it’s so erotic. You’re actually turning your partner into dessert. Chocolate – covered strawberries are great but one of my favorite games is to hide a dab of honey on yourself and ask your partner to find it just using his tongue. Remember to really hid it in a good place; make him work for it.

PLAYGIRL: What does society still deem sexually taboo?

AVA: Sex toys have always been taboo, especially by men because they’re afraid they’re going to be replaced by them. But they have nothing to worry about because sex toys can’t cuddle or talk and those are two things women love most. On the other hand, sex toys truly have therapeutic value. Their best quality is they help get rid of inhibition, which is the number one problem in America.