Eat Your Way To Ecstacy
By Jill Sieracki

December 2003

Sex Command Central:
Good morning, Playgirls. I have a mission for you. Janet L. from Poughkeepsie, NY writes “My boyfriend and I have been looking for a way to spice up our bedroom behavior. He wants to try playing with food a la Nine ½ Weeks. What should be on the menu?” Ladies?

The old joke between us girls in reference to a handsome man is “I wouldn’t kick him out of bed for eating crackers.” Well, you should! There are some much better and more effective appetizers to feed your need to fornicate! Whether it is something spicy to make you flush, something phallic to make you blush, or the scent of something scientillating to make you rush (to the bedroom that is), wise Mother Nature has created four courses of give-star dirty dining, all for your (and his mouth-watering pleasure).

Science Behind The Service
“Different food effect our body physiology and physically, in different ways by releasing various hormones,” says sexpert Dr. Ava Cadell. “Bananas contain bufotenine, which is a chemical that acts on the brain to increase self-confidence, happiness, and sex drive. That releases a different kind of hormone than oysters, for example, which release testosterone, which makes women more aggressive sexually. Depending upon which chemicals the foods contain, it determines how our body is going to respond when we intake the food.”

But it’s not just the zinc in oysters, the potassium in asparagus, or the androsterone in celery that get the love juices flowing—the suggestive shape can also turn us on. “When we see a banana, we think it is a very naughty looks fruit, and it is, but I believe nature has made these food phallic looking to give us a clue that they are in deed aphrodisiacs,” says Dr. Cadell. “Pretty much every food that is phallic has ingredients that increase sexual desire one way or another. Whether it’s clams, passion fruit, figs, cucumbers carrots, or licorice, it’s really interesting but these are all natural and that’s how nature intended them to be.”

Wet Your Appetite
Aphrodisiacs (named for the Greek goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture Aphrodite) can lower your inhibitions, give self-confidence, or just erotically arouse—all necessary ingredients for the start of a successful romance. While sharing a meal, like a romantic outdoor picnic, is a great first date, it can also set the groundwork for a steamy after-dinner affair.

According to website, Middle Eastern royalty munched phallicly-shaped carrots to aid seduction, but the vitamins, beta-carotene, and satisfying snap in each bite may have him noticing . “what’s up, Doc.” Also, Dr. Cadell says that “hot equals hot, in every way,” so pass on the mild salsa for a little extra bit of chili pepper. Extra zest will have your face flushed, your heart pumping, pores sweating, and get your blood flowing toward your genitals (sounds like another pleasurable activity?). And don’t overlook herbs in your flirtation menu—daminana, “the lover’s herb” can increase sensitivity while clary sage can give you a slight sense of euphoria.

Finally, watch how your (soon-to-be) lover eats his aphrodisiac appetizers. A guy who gobbles will often be quick to finish between the bed sheets, while a stud that savors every morsel will give you many more servings of sexual satisfaction.

Let’s Get It On
Ready for the second course. “At this point, with seduction, you can both be baked and turn each into a food platter and lick it off and have fun and basically use food as foreplay so that you’re making love, you’re not just having sex,” says Dr. Cadell. “You do more erotic things with food during seduction period then you did with the flirting. The flirting was the teasing and now you can get down with it.”

Once you and your partner know your chemistry jives, it’s time to get your “equipment” ready with these delightful dishes that will get the blood flowing to your nether regions. Scandalous seafood such as oysters, which contain sperm-enhancing zinc, and shrimp, which is loaded with energy-boosting iodine, are famous aphrodisiacs. However, not everyone has a taste for morsels de la mer. “Never ever try to get your partner to eat something they don’t like because they will resent you for it,” warns Dr. Cadell.

Also, now is a good time to incorporate arousing aphrodisiac delights into some naughty good play. Potassium-rich asparagus helps increase hormone production, but also makes for a naughty kissing game. You and your hungry honey start muching on either ends of a stalk, then bite towards the middle until you end up in a mouth-watering smooth. Olives are also good pop-in-your-mouth treats. Guys should go for green to make themselves more virile, while ladies love the black for its creased sex drive effect.

Come To The Table
You’ve teased, you’ve tasted, now you’re looking for climax. “These foods will prolong sexual erection for men and really lubricate a woman’s vagina and enhance her orgasm and just improve the peak of sexuality,” says Dr. Cadell.

Look for love in licorice, the number one aphrodisiac for us gals. says “the essence of licorice is 50 times sweeter than sugar” while Dr. Cadell reports that it’s the plant estrogen that “stimulates our sex glands, ostensibly bringing oxygen to the female genitalia 40 percent faster.” For men, it’s pumpkin that gets the guys going and can increase penile blood flow by 40 percent.

However, a naughty little secret, you don’t have to take your aphrodisiac orally. “Just the aroma of cinnamon can really get a guy off, just as certain aromas for women, like freak baking bread. And of course anything chocolate, the aroma is just as powerful. In fact, our smell is 10,000 times stronger than our taste, and the smell has a direct correlation to the most primitive part of our brain,” says Dr. Cadell.

Not the baking type? You don’t need to whip up a pumpkin pie or cinnamon buns to get the sexual smell fires burning. Candles and scented oils are equally effective since the brain is unable to detect if the scent is real or artificial. So what are the top food smells that turn us on? Watch your man get aroused to the aroma or cinnamon, popcorn, pumpkin pie, or doughnuts. Girls get off on the scent of bread, melon, chocolate, and oranges. (Seductress Cleopatra knew this even way back then—it’s rumored her favorite scent was orange blossom.)

So Janet, whether you’re looking to tease your man with tawdry shaped treats like phallic-friendly cucumbers, zucchini, and bananas or vagina-minded peaches, figs or artichokes, remember eating your way to ecstasy should be fun, not just goal oriented. Ignore your mother’s words and play with your food! Serve up a scintillating display of crudités on your naked body or practice your finger painting with luscious chocolate body paint.

Find delightful dishes in Inter Courses by Martha Hopkins and Randall Lockridge (Terrace Publishing). This unique recipe book offers a selection of culinary concoctions using aphrodisiacs such as black beans, pine nuts, honey, basil, edible flowers, or chilies. (Plus, a map of his-and-hers erogenous zones shows you where to serve your lickable meals for maximum effect!)

And just this final note, while Hollywood has made bedroom noshing truly mouthwatering (i.e. Nine ½ Weeks or the whip cream bikini in Varsity Blues) covering yourself in Cool Whip isn’t going to automatically make you and your man’s sexual adventures in cooking screen worthy. For example, a college friend learned the hard way that unlicked honey crystallizes into a very painful solid a lot faster than you’d think. So while hiding love handles with a 72-ounce sirloin will lead to indigestion not infatuation, it’s an adventurous spirit in the bedroom (and in the kitchen if you’re kinky!) that will give you two a hearty appetite for each other!