The Joys of Great Sex!
Why burning calories in the bedroom is great for Jen’s [Aniston]  body and soul.
By Meaghan Murphy $ Shauna Bass

June 2008

Having mind-blowing sex is a fantastic workout,” says celebrity fitness trainer and OK! Man Candy pinup Brian Peeler. “It can burn off between 250 to 500 calories. Jen looks like she’s completely stress-free. Having a lot of sex can be a great stress reliever – especially if it’s with a young buck like John [Mayer].” Real-life love guru Dr. Ava Cadell agrees that Jen’s skin looks amazing these days because John is keeping her happy. “She is obviously getting her needs satisfied. She’s feeling more confident, sexy and happy than she has in a long time. When you are getting it, you are happier – and it shows in your skin – you just glow all over.”