Multiple Orgasms For Men

Numbers Magazine
March 2005

The PC muscle is the support muscle for the genitals. There is a definite correlation between good tone in the PC muscle and orgasmic intensity and control. A quick way to identify the PC muscle is to urinate, then stop the flow of urine by squeezing your PC muscle, then urinate again. After a few repetitions, most people are able to tighten this muscle without the involvement of urination.

These techniques require the control of your PC muscle. You also need to learn to enhance your ability to peak at various arousal levels.

Solo Exercise
Lie down on your back and get comfortable or sit in a chair. Using plenty of lubrication, begin stroking your penis and experiencing your arousal. Your arousal level will vary from level (1) which is barely aroused to level (10), which is when you orgasm and ejaculate. It is important to become adept with each level of excitement.

For example when you reach level (4), use your PC muscle by squeezing it, then concentrate on letting your arousal level drop by two levels. Now resume stimulation and peak at level (6), then let your arousal level drop again. Take plenty of time. Each peak should take at least 3 minutes. Resume your stroking and peak at level (8). Once again, allow your arousal level to drop off two levels. This time peak at level (9), then slam on your PC muscle, breathing deeply as you let your arousal drop down once more.

Intensify your stimulation and let your arousal rise to (9.5) which is almost to the point of no return. Now tighten the PC muscle for about 10 seconds, but don’t stop stroking. Open your eyes and focus all of your attention on your genitals. Breathe deeply and regularly as your body begins to go into orgasm. You should be able to feel the semen collecting at the base of your penis. You should also feel the PC muscle begin to spasm, but you should not ejaculate.

Take a deep breath, slow down the stimulation and let your arousal dip back down to level (8) or even (7). Once you’ve rested for a moment, intensify your stimulation once more and let your arousal level rise. But, this time you don’t want to get in its way. You don’t want to squeeze your PC muscle. Just let yourself have a full orgasm, complete with ejaculation. And that, is a “multiple orgasm.”

The first few times your try an exercise like this, you may experience any number of unusual sensations, such as a partial orgasm or a “skipped” orgasm. These things may not feel very normal but they are and there is no reason to be concerned. Your body is learning something new!

Prolonging Your Orgasm With Your Partner
This exercise begins by lying on your back. Ask your partner to begin a genital caress with his hands and/or mouth. Do a series of low-level peaks-from level (1) to (6). Give your partner lots of feedback so he knows when to back off and when to intensify his caresses. Once you have completed these peaks, switch positions.

Your anal receptive partner should be in position. You want to be on your knees, with most of your weight being supported by your legs. Do a series of peaks while having intercourse with your partner, start with some slow, comfortable penetration. Taking plenty of time, peak up to level (5), then back off by squeezing your PC muscles. Next peak to level (6), then back off. Peak to level (7), then back off. Next peak up to level (8), then back off. Now peak up to level (9), then back off. Now try the same thing with a series of fast, vigorous thrusting. The moment you stop thrusting, you partner must stop moving too.

Finally, thrust almost all the way up to your point of no return at level (9.5). But this time, the moment you reach that point, both you and your partner should stop moving. Squeeze your PC muscle as hard as you can, (remember that the higher your arousal level, the harder you have to squeeze your PC muscle), take deep breaths, open your eyes, focus all your attention on your genitals and try to feel the semen moving from your testicles to the base of your penis. (Any extra motion right now could cause you to ejaculate before you want to). If you stopped thrusting in time, you will have experienced an orgasm without ejaculation. Congratulations!

Now back off and rest a little bit by starting some really slow, easy penetration to maintain your erection. Let your arousal level rise again, but this time, don’t try to stop it. Pass level (8), (9), keep thrusting and go all the way. Let yourself have a full orgasm complete with ejaculation.

Once you master this technique, you can prolong your orgasm for as long as you like and you can control when you have an orgasm and when you ejaculate. This technique takes lots of practice and self control.

My advice:
If at first you don’t succeed, keep on trying.