Men’s Health
March 2008

Malegrams: Sex

Her Top 5 Fantasies…

1. Stimulating herself while you watch
80% want to touch themselves while you watch (and learn)

 2. Allowing you to dominate
66% want you to cuff them
Make it happen

During a playful make- out session, gently grab her wrists and pin them down above her head, says Ava Cadell, Ph.D., a sex therapist and author of Passion Power. Use your free hand to explore her body. Next, tie her wrists together with a rope of paper towels (knowing the bonds are breakable are reassuring to first- timers.) “When that grows tame, use a necktie, and progress to handcuffs and whatever else you dream up.”

3. Having sex in public
51% want to join the mile-high club with you

4. Making a homemade porn flick
40 % are ready to make a sex DVD with you

5. Inviting a  third person into the relationship
25% want a threesome with you and another woman
Make it happen
First, use sex toys to create a threesome fantasy. Explore it further; Visit a strip club together. If you both love watching each other enjoying lap dances, then it is time to discuss taking it to the next level. “But voice any misgivings- at any time,” warns Cadell. “Otherwise, a few hours of sharing each other can ruin a life long relationship.”