An Important Question

Latina Magazine
June 2001

Question you should ask before saying “I Do”

How about Sex?

“The number one complaint from married women is that their husband wants too much sex,” says Ava Cadell, Ph.D., a clinical Sexologist in Los Angeles, and author of Confessions to a Sexologist (Peters Publishing, $19.95). When couples are courting, passion is new. But later, work, chores, children, and financial worries may temper the flames and diminish the romance.

Dr. Cadell advises couples to set aside time just for each other. “Also tell your partner your fantasies, turn-on, and turn-offs. Then you’ll have that to work with if your sex life sputters,” she says.

If the two of you can’t seem to get in sync sexually, what should be a super-fun part of your relationship can cause hurt feelings that spill into the rest of your lives. A visit to a sex therapist or Sexologist can help the two of you come up with solutions.