Its Gotta Be The Shoes
by Brett Johnson

November 2006

Stilettos look good in the streets, but really get wood between the sheets.

Whether they’re Louboutins, Jimmy Choos or Payless, stilettos get high marks in the bedroom. And it has nothing to do with fashion. It’s biology, bonehead. High heels elongate the legs, thrust the hips and breast forward and make the booty stand at attention like one of Louis Gossett Jr.’s cadets. So ladies, ten-hut: When we’re coming over to test the box spring, keep your size 7s wedged in those four-inch strappy numbers you just dropped a few Benjies on. Not convinced? Even sexperts concur.“In porn movies, women leave their heels on in bed, and a lot of men identify with porn sex,” says Loveologist Dr. Ava Cadell. “For some men it’s ‘Oh, I’m having porn sex at home.’ There’s something super-erotic about it.” Precisely what Manolo Blahnik had in mind.