Sex Tricks for Experienced GIRLS ONLY

You aced Bedroom Basics 101, And now you’re ready for graduate-level get-it-on instruction. Complete our advanced amorous assignments and he’ll be begging to be the teacher’s pet.

Dirty Language Arts You already melt him with your sexy moans, groans, and bad-girl talk. But after a while, he might get too used to the same old vixen vocabulary. So we came up with new lusty wordplay games that will quickly grab-and hold-his attention. “Write naughty words on his back with your fingers for a fun change of pace,” suggests Ava Cadell, Ph.D., Los Angeles Sexologist and author of Stock Market Orgasm (Peters Publishing, 1999). “For example draw the word lick on his skin using a sexy touch. Have him guess the word you drew. Once he gets it right, do that to him.” Take turns drawing on different body parts. You’ll be amazed how erotic the back of your knee and other overlooked areas can be.