Bridal Guide
Sept/Oct – 2007

State of the Union
by Michele Bender

How do couples really live happily ever after? Here, newlyweds and coulples who’ve been together for years share their secrets for marital bliss.

Of course you want your wedding to be fairytale perfect.  But that is just the first day of the rest of your live’s as a couple. What you really want is to live, well, happily ever after. Here, couples talk about how to stay wedding-day happy in all the years to come.

Love Docs’ Rx For a Happy Marriage

Pucker up often. “Many married couples stop kissing when they become too familiar with each other, but this is the first step to a diminshing sex life. Kissing is the most intimate connection between two people and it not only keeps your sex life alive, but also keeps your relationship alive.” – Ava Cadell, Ph.D., author of 12 Steps to Everlasting Love (Peters Publishing)