Sex With A Stranger

Blueboy Magazine
May 2001

  • Sex With A Stranger?
  • Is Your Partner Having An Affair?
  • Or is he seeking Anonymous Sex?

The only one you should be discussing your suspicions with is your partner. Sit down quietly and explain that you need to talk to him about something really important to your relationship.

Present the facts as you see them, not as damning evidence but as information that needs to be explained.

Describe the type of sexual/marital agreement you expect both of you to honor and ask if he is willing to commit to that type of relationship.

If your partner’s explanation seems reasonable and truthful, and he seems committed to the type of open communication you desire, drop the suspicions. If you still have doubts, counseling may be in order. In either case, do not create a more difficult situation to resolve by asking everyone else’s advice before sitting down with your partner and having a frank discussion of your concerns.