Let’s Have Fun With Food & Sex

Blueboy Magazine
April 2001

Let’s face it, if you’re passionate about food, you’re more likely to be passionate about sex. And if you’ve never tried combining the two, here’s your chance.

1. The correlation between food and sex:
Food and sex are two of the greatest pleasures known to mankind and both appetites need to be fulfilled. They are part of our vital life force and stimulate all of our senses.

2. When you cook with love:
You put your heart into cooking or anything, you will undoubtedly do it better. Cooking with love will nourish your relationship physically, mentally and spiritually.

3. The most romantic dish I have ever prepared.
Holiday dishes are always special occasions so that’s when I pull out all the stops. Besides, many restaurants and hotels are fully booked so I prefer to stay at home.

On Halloween I stuffed baby pumpkins with caviar and on St. Valentine’s Day I served heart shaped pancakes to my husband in bed and in the evening we had a picnic right in the middle of our bedroom.

4. Cooking with attitude especially for someone you love.
The love and energy you put into cooking is what you’ll get out of it. Attitude effects cooking just like it effects anything else. Cook with passion and creativity to keep the sizzle and spice in your food and relationship.

5. Tips for spicing up your love life with food.
Turn eating into a sensual ritual. Begin with ice and use it on your erogenous zones. Everyone has unique areas that can be stimulated to produce sensual and erotic feelings. Rub the ice up and down your lover’s spine, behind their ears and down the neck, around the breast, on the inside of the thighs and so on. Spray whipping cream on the parts of your lover’s body you most enjoy licking off. Hide a dab of honey on your body and let your lover find it using nothing but their tongue.

6. The craziest thing a couple can do with food.
A couple told me that they poured flavored gelatin into their shower head, turned on the hot shower and took the most delightful gooey, slippery and sensual shower of their lives. Now that’s what I call creating a memory.

7. The most romantic foods.
Any food you eat with your fingers can be romantic. Some foods are known aphrodisiacs, like oysters, because they are filled with zinc which helps increase production of testosterone; others are simply visually stimulating such as strawberries.

8. Why should a couple experiment with food and sex:
It will enhance the senses, turn sex into adult play, expand their horizon, and bring them closer together.

9. The history of food and its connection with love and sex.
It all started with Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit. Even today, forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest. In ancient Rome and Greece, eating was always the center of attraction for social events and people ate reclining with Nubian slaves feeding them.

10. How does a couple get started with food and sex?
Begin by setting the mood for love and stimulating all the senses. For example, oranges can make your home smell fresh and inviting, so can apple pie or cinnamon. So find out what your lover’s favorite food aromas are and indulge them. Then share meals together and feed one another. Even if you’re on a diet, you can share an asparagus by one person taking one end of the asparagus in their mouth and the other person taking the other end, then meet in the middle. This can be fun with carrots, celery and pasta too.

11. An intimate dinner.
It would have a variety of flavors, textures, and it would look like a work of art. For example fresh shrimp cocktail presented in beautiful glasses, followed by a light, colorful salad sprinkled with sesame seeds, then a juicy, succulent piece of meat or a soft, fluffy fish with designer vegetables and delicious chocolate soufflé to complete the meal. Mmm, sounds orgasmic, doesn’t it?

12. Tips for putting the sizzle back into a relationship.
Communication is the key ingredient for a consistently successful relationship and the use of fantasy will spice up anyone’s love life. So I suggest that one person begins telling their partner their fantasy, then the other person has to finish the fantasy. If both of you like it, why not make your fantasy come true? For example, your fantasy may begin like this: “My fantasy is to take a lovely picnic basket filled with fresh fruits, vegetables and an assortment of chocolates and sweets to a beautiful deserted beach somewhere in the tropics. As we lie next to each other basking in the sun, I roll on top of you and give you a long, deep passionate kiss. You take me in your arms and then…” Now it’s time for your partner to complete the fantasy and see where it takes you both.