I thought it would be fun to look at some of the emotional, physical and sexual stages of a woman ranging from the most impressionable to the most enlightened and come up with some practical solutions to help empower her.  Below are four categories to make it easy to differentiate, but of course there are women who fit into more than one category.  Which do you identify with the most?

#1 The Impressionable Woman may be:

  • Young
  • Dating
  • Newly wed
  • High energy
  • Ambitious
  • New mom
  • Unable to orgasm
  • Sexually experimental

Your body should be in its peak and this is the time to start taking good care of it.  I have an analogy that I like to use for our body and that is that this is the car we have been given on this planet so we better service it regularly.  Whether you have a sleek sports car, a luxury sedan, compact, or a truck, it’s up to you to keep it running.  Have regular check-ups, listen to your body, eat healthy, exercise, and enjoy sex and intimacy with someone who is worthy.

What you need to know:

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