As a Sexologist, I love to help people overcome sexual guilt and shame so they can enjoy the best sex of their lives. I’ve travelled to six continents lecturing to singles and couples, and I can tell you that everyone wants to be loved and be a great lover! Sex is our second basic instinct after survival, so it’s a universal desire that we all have in common. Some of the most frequent questions I get from people (both in couples and single) include: How can sex toys improve my sex life? How can I teach my partner what I want in bed? And, from mainly women, how do I achieve orgasm?

To answer these and many other questions about sex that we didn’t learn from our parents or in school, I share the vast knowledge I have gained in the last 25 years through my seminars, books, media appearances and online Lovelogy University. If sexual satisfaction comes from learning about sexual pleasure, then educating yourself is the first step to power in the bedroom and it’s never too late to learn more about sex!