Everybody knows that sex feels good, but did you know that it is actually good for you? In fact, it’s one of the best prescriptions for good health and it has no expiration date. So here are 12 good reasons to keep your sexual organs in tip top condition.


  • An active sex life is good for the cardiovascular system as the increase in heart rate benefits circulation and can reduce the likelihood of a heart attack.
  • Sex can lead to a healthier prostate. A study in the British Journal of Urology International states that men can reduce their chances of getting prostate cancer by a third if they ejaculate 5 times a week. Flushing the prostate of carcinogens that could cause problems is the objective.
  • Sex can control the bladder, especially for women. Dr. Arthur Kegel invented Kegel exercises in the 1940’s for women to help them control incontinence. The same set of muscles is worked during sex.
  • Sex can even reduce insomnia. The release of tension can lead to the relaxation of muscles and deeper, quicker sleep.
  • An additional (though less sexy) benefit is that sex can work as a laxative, toning and controlling the lower abdominal muscles.
  • Sex can actually work as a pain medication. Immediately before orgasm, hormone levels of oxytocin surge to 5 times their normal level and releases endorphins, which help alleviate pain.
  • Sex can improve your sense of smell because after sex, prolactin, a hormone flows to the brain and develops new neurons in the olfactory bulb, which is the brains smell center.

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