OPEN RELATIONSHIPS: Understanding Polyamory, Monogamish and Unicorns

Sexpert Panel – March 17, 2021

Renowned Sexperts share their wisdom and insights on this often controversial topic.

MODERATOR: Dr. Ava Cadell, Clinical Sexologist & Founder of

Carol & David, Swingers and Radio Talk Show Hosts of The Sexy Lifestyle
Dr. Eli Sheff, Author, University Lecturer, and Global Academic Expert on Polyamory
Dr. Carol Queen
, Author, Editor, Sociologist and Sexologist active in the sex-positive feminism movement
Dr. Nancy Sutton-Pierce, Registered Nurse, Health Educator, Sex & Relationship Author, Radio Talk Show Host, and Yoga Therapist
Tamara Bell, Founder of HPPPA, Student Mentor at
Erika Jordan, Internationally Published Relationship Expert