4 Common Sexual Fantasies how to safely explore them

Ever find yourself visualizing steamy scenarios to get yourself turned on? You’re far from the only one. Sexual fantasies are very common and very normal. “All forms of fantasy, kinky or otherwise, are a healthy part of sexuality,” sex expert Ava Cadell, Ph.D., tells SELF.

A recent study conducted by Cadell, called the Loveology Sexual Compatibility Survey, which gathered data from over a thousand participants, found that popular fantasies include sexual massage, oral sex, threesomes, outdoor sex, sex with a stranger, domination/submissive play, exhibitionism, voyeurism, and sex tapes. In short, about a million different fantasies exist, and anything safe and consensual is a-okay to explore. That said, if you’re hoping to make a fantasy come to life, it can be tough to know where to get started. Below, a look at some of the most common desires among women, and how to make them happen.

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