12 Amazing sex tricks he secretly wants you to know

In Beverly Hills, where I live, there’s a whole cosmos of sex consultants, coaches, and “healers” who stand ready to enlighten you, under the palm-shaded sun, for jackpot fees ($100 an hour and up). My mission as an intrepid Redbook reporter was to unearth the elite of this exotic, erotic body of experts and reveal to you what knowledge—if any—was worth so much cash.

All roads led to Dr. Ava Cadell. I couldn’t wait to ransack her brain for solutions to the foremost knotty dilemma for me and every other woman I know: What can I do to keep sex fresh in my marriage? I left her office stunned and enlightened (not to mention $300 lighter), with a bouquet of wondrous tricks that I didn’t know I didn’t know—and believe me, you don’t either. So listen up.

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