Dr. Ava Cadell was in her element as she spoke about her book Neuroloveology, The Power to Mindful Love & Sex at her book launch this past weekend. The book signing was held at Diesel Bookstore in Malibu, CA. Richard Chesterfield of Monrose Cateringtempted palates with delicious treats of the sweet and savory kind, including long stemmed strawberries infused with ‘Ava’s Love Potion 69,’ and Alan Semsar from Barcelona Enterprises created ‘Ava-tinis’ in sumptuous flavors like mango and passion fruit.

“Neuroloveology is a workbook as much as it’s an examination of the various aspects of romance. Not only does it explore the science of love and sex but Dr. Ava also gives you over 100 neurocises so that you can grow your brain cells while you grow your relationship and sexual horizons,” Dr. Ava explains.

Dr. Ava shared the Passion Assassins’ chapter of Neuroloveology and gave the audience some tips about how to overcome internal and external distractions in the bedroom.

Turn off the TV; leave your cell phone out of the bedroom with your kids and pets. Even turn your clock around so you cannot see the time.

Replace negative thoughts with positive loving ones about your partner and yourself.


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