Demystifying the Vagina: Does Too Much Sex Make Her ‘Loose’?

They say size counts, but, let’s face it, it’s not always a man’s size that determines how his manhood holds up in lover’s lane. There is a myriad of myths that surround a woman’s Mount Pleasant, and while a man’s measurement is often called into question, the size of the camp ground is another rumor that suggests how successful a stay the trip was.

There exists a misconception surrounding vaginal tautness, with virgins being tighter and promiscuous women being looser, and we hope to dispel these rumors thanks to the help of Psychology Today, as well as input by sex therapist Dr. Ava Cadell, founder of, who was kind enough to answer our questions on the subject.

The first thing to remember is that woman, like men, come in different sizes. It’s important to understand that vaginal musculature is elastic, meaning it naturally contracts and resumes its normal size and shape, both after sexual intercourse as well as childbirth.

Men also play an important factor in how tight or loose a woman’s vagina feels.

“During arousal the vagina expands in anticipation of being penetrated,” explains Dr. Cadell. “Then the vagina tightens around the penis to give both the man and woman more sexual satisfaction.”

When a woman becomes sexually aroused, her vaginal muscles relax and “loosen” — somewhat. However, the relaxation of her muscles does not mean the vagina stretches or grows into a cavernous space; it merely makes room for the man, as a tight vagina wound hinder our evolutionary need to procreate.

This is when men come into the equation. If a woman feels too tight during sex, chances are she is not fully aroused. According to the Psychology Today article, it takes approximately 30 minutes of foreplay before a woman is aroused to the point of vaginal relaxation.

This is why it’s so important that men take the time to stimulate their female partners physically and mentally, as it gravely affects a woman’s level of sexual pleasure. If a woman is not turned on, that is to say if a woman is too tight, sexual intercourse can be borderline painful.

Another rumor that is said to affect a woman’s vaginal tautness is childbirth. It’s true that multiple childbirths can affect the elasticity of a woman’s vaginal musculature, but childbirth itself does not permanently loosen a woman’s vagina.

“Right after giving birth to an 8-pound baby, it’s natural for the vagina to stretch out, but it will go back to its normal size no matter the age of the woman,” Dr. Cadell said. Following childbirth, it typically takes approximately six months for a woman’s vagina to return to its original state.

Age is also a factor in how tight a woman feels.

“With aging, as estrogen levels diminish, the vaginal walls become thinner and less elastic, so the muscles begin to lose their tautness,” Dr. Cadell explained. “Kegel exercises can always help tone and tighten the vagina, so it’s never too late. They also help to prevent urinary incontinence, can enhance orgasmic awareness, and even help a woman to ejaculate.”

Dr. Cadell suggest women make kegel exercises a regular habit, with an exercise ritual of doing kegels three times a day, beginning with sets of 10 and working up 50 reps.

“Just like working out any other muscle like your triceps, it takes time for noticeable results,” she said. “You should feel tighter in a couple of months, but keep on doing them for the rest of your life to stay sexually healthy.”

For those women who wonder just how tight or loose their vagina is, Dr. Cadell offers some advice on how to find out, not just by yourself, but with your male partner as a sexy accomplice.

“A woman can find out how strong her vagina is by inserting her finger into her vagina, then contract her vaginal muscles around her finger as tightly as she can,” she said. “A woman can do the same thing with her lover’s penis during intercourse and the odds are that he’ll love it.”

Lessons learned:

Vaginas comes in different sizes.

Men play an important factor in a woman’s arousal level and how tight a woman’s vagina will be.

There are exercises that can be done to help a woman not only get “tighter” but also have a better orgasm. And who doesn’t want that?

Here’s to happier, healthier, tighter, vaginas.

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