Rob and Kristen reportedly didn’t spend his 27th birthday together and they’re fighting! A top relationship expert tells the only way that Rob and Kristen can build a healthy relationship is to discuss her cheating all over again!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are going through issues like any couple. But in this case, there’s no avoiding the big elephant in the room, that Kristen cheated on Rob. We told you that Kristen appeared to be arguing on the phone with Rob on May 13 and they quite possibly spent his birthday apart. spoke with Dr. Ava Cadell, the Founder of Loveology University, who tells us the key ingredient to making Robsten last forever!

How Rob & Kristen Can Save Their Relationship

We were worried when we noticed that Rob and Kristen weren’t spotted out together on or after his birthday. Believe it or not, Dr. Cadell’s expert opinion is that Rob hasn’t totally forgiven Kristen. Although, we have sources at who tell us that Rob has moved on from the scandal, she says that Rob needs to find out why Kristen cheated in the first place.

“The fact that Kristen and Rob had a fight on his birthday indicates that he has not forgiven her for cheating,” she says. “Birthday’s are an emotional time when people want to feel special and Rob most likely still feels like he has been betrayed. Understanding why women cheat might help Rob and Kristen to heal their relationship.”

Even though we’ve been told he’s forgiven her, it’s important for Kristen to explain to Rob why she cheated. Then he’ll better be able to understand her motives and how to not let it happen again. In no way was this Rob’s fault, but it is imperative that Robsten hash everything out so that they can last longterm.

“The number one reason women cheat is to raise their self esteem,” Dr Cadell tells us. “So guys, if you are not paying enough attention to her, then she may be tempted to cheat on you especially when she meets a man who compliments her. Compliments are the bedrock of romance and women need to hear physical, appreciative and emotional compliments on a regular basis to feel valued.”

You’ve gotta hand it to Dr. Cadell because it all makes a lot of sense!

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