Rihanna and Chris may be back together, but their road ahead will certainly be rocky, love expert Dr. Ava Cadell tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. Do YOU think their love can last this time? After Chris Brown brutally attacked Rihanna in 2009, many were surprised to find out that two rekindled their romance in the last few weeks. However, forgiving and forgetting Chris’ mistakes will not be so easy for Rihanna.

Dr. Ava Cadell, the founder of Loveology University, exclusively tells HollywoodLife.com, “Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship is on the right path now, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be some rocky roads ahead for them. She may have forgiven Chris for his violent assault, but she has not forgotten. And the fact that Rihanna’s father was abusive to her mother, makes it ingrained in her brain. I recommend that they both do a forgiveness letter writing exercise.”

Dr. Cadell’s writing exercise goes as follows:

1. The first step is forgiveness. Each individual should write down his/her resentment(s) in a letter to their partner describing how h/h feelings have been affected. Writing these letters is the process of taking out the emotional trash in our lives and allows us to release pent-up pain and negativism on the way to forgiveness. You are forgiving yourselves for allowing these things to happen and forgiving each other for the behavior inflicted upon you.

2. Step Two is saying something meaningful, appreciative and caring to your partner to help re-cement the relationship. Give your partner emotional, physical and appreciative compliments, at least one every day.

“Both Chris Brown and Rihanna are codependent on each other, which is a recipe for a failure in a relationship. They need to work on themselves individually so that they feel complete without each other. To experience true emotional intimacy you must first surrender to yourself so that you feel complete, then surrender to each other to compliment each other. They need to maintain their own identity and let their careers thrive separately, while maintaining a loving relationship together. They need to have their own interests and friends, while embracing each other’s family and mutual friends without competitiveness or jealousy and that’s not going to be easy,” Dr. Cadell adds.

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