Kristen Stewart led a double life when she was sneaking around with Rupert Sanders AND living with Robert Pattinson! One expert weighs in on how to she pulled it off emotionally. Read on for more details!

Kristen Stewart‘s affair with Rupert Sanders came as a shock to then-boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

And according to an expert, Kristen may not have acted distant towards Rob, keeping him in the dark that there was trouble in their relationship. In fact, Kristen could have been in love with with both men. Yikes!

“It’s possible that Kristen loved both guys at the same time, so she gave each one 100 percent of her focus when she was with him,” certified AASECT sex counselor Dr. Ava Cadell, Founder & President of Loveology University tells

But if Kristen was in love with Rob, then why would she stray and cheat on him with Rupert? Dr. Ava tells says it’s possible that Kristen felt Rob was lacking a few qualities that Rupert had.

“Kristen was seduced by Rupert Sanders’ qualities that she found lacking in Robert Pattinson, even if it was the difference in age, looks, experience or raw sexual chemistry it was worth it for her to risk the demise of her relationship,” she tells us.

Whatever the reason may be, Dr. Ava assures us Kristen, a sprite 22-year-old, will learn her lesson from this very publicized affair.

“Kristen will learn valuable lessons from her highly publicized and humiliating mistake,” she says.

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