Remember when Kourtney Kardashian brilliantly gave Scott Disick a taste of his own medicine after he kept bugging her for anal sex—and she strapped on a dildo and said, uh, you first buddy? Well, we consulted the experts for tips how get your guy to stop fixating on everything from his sexual “needs” to his insecurities. Here’s how to (politely) tell him to shut up already.

He’s Pressuring You to Swallow

Certified sex counselor Ava Cadell says this one is easy. “I recommend that a guy taste his own semen first.” Sounds pretty logical to us.

He’s Pushing to Get Engaged; You’re Not Ready

This is another easy one Cadell says: “He wants to take you off the market, so tell him that you’ll accept a friendship ring.” He gets what he wants—a symbol that you’re “taken,” so to speak—and you don’t need to feel confined to an official pre-marriage commitment.

He Wants Babies, Like, Yesterday

If you’re not ready, it’s important to stress your position on this issue. “Tell him that you will let him know when you are ready to have a baby, ” says Cadell. Case closed.

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