LOS ANGELES, Calif.—Zero Tolerance Entertainment is launching a unique, unprecedented sexual education DVD just in time for the holidays. Created with renowned ‘sexpert’ Dr. Ava Cadell, Dr. Ava’s Guide To Oral Sex is a three-disc DVD set that has everything couples need to know about oral sex.

With beautifully shot explicit demonstrations of over 90 techniques, consumers will learn innovative new skills such as Panty Play, The Steaming Box and His Million Dollar Spot—methods not available anywhere else. The first disc ‘For Couples’, the second ‘For Her’ and the third, ‘For Him,’ cover all the bases for maximizing couples’ pleasure through oral sex. In total, the set contains over three hours of fun-filled ‘edutainment’ including expert tips on advanced oral sex positions and playful oral sex games.

“This sexy video leads to better oral experiences with your lover, so that both of you can reach levels of pleasure you may not have known possible,” said sexpert Dr. Ava Cadell.

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