Skipping class has never been less tempting. At Loveology University, the hottest new online learning center, students major in sex education and become certified “Sexperts” in all matters related to physical pleasure.

Founded by renowned love coach Dr. Ava Cadell, Loveology University has become an online leader in educating the public about sex.

“Enrollment at the school includes a lifetime membership to Loveology University,” Cadell says. “When you sign-up, you become part of our family.”

Juicy course offerings such as Aphrodisiacs, Foot Fetish, and even Group Sex are part of a comprehensive study that examines everything there is to know about passion. Loveology’s website features a familiar layout just like other universities, offering tabs for a class schedule, bookstore, library and a student center.

“I created Loveology University as a platform for all of my knowledge achieved over the last 15 years,” Cadell tells AVN Novelty Business.  “Growing up in a repressed environment and being raised by strict nuns, I became a rebellious Catholic girl. As soon as I grew up, I wanted to find out everything there was to know about love and relationships.”

Cadell travels the world to share her knowledge with corporate clients that include several Fortune 500 companies. Her public speaking engagements now command an impressive five-figure day rate. She’s certainly worth it; she has written seven books on the subject of love, and appears regularly on television shows such as “Montel,” “Anderson Cooper” and “Good Morning America.”

Her speaking engagements have placed her not only in front of America’s top executives, but also religious groups, medial institutes and colleges in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Cadell holds a doctorate in human behavior from Newport University in California and earned her doctorate of education in human sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.

In addition to Loveology university, where she has taken on the role of mentor to push motivated students in their quest to become certified loveologists, she also maintains a private practice in Los Angeles, where she counsels people on personal issues ranging from anger management to fear of intimacy to lack of communication to lack of desire.

Despite her accomplished resume, however, Cadell claims that her most qualifying credential is her own success in love. “I’ve been happily married for 21 years, and that means a lot these days,” she says.

Cadell emphasizes that Loveology University is “perfect for people of any and all orientations.” Students come from many backgrounds, including massage therapists, retailers, and party consultants, to name a few. The classes at Loveology are perfect for industry professionals wanting to brush up and expand their existing knowledge base, as well as non-industry folk who want to improve their own interpersonal relationships.

According to the website, Loveology University’s mission is “to share positive and accurate information with respect to love, relationships, intimacy, and sexuality to empower individuals and enrich relationships.”

The university is considered a leading interactive resource for online training in various aspects of love, intimacy, sex, and relationships. There are courses on everything from Communication and Kissing and Intimacy to Foreplay, Tantric Sex and Sexual Taboos.

Loveology University’s certification program allows students to pursue a career as a Love Coach, whereby they educate and take an interactive role in helping individuals and couples work on issues. (They do not, however, offer medical or therapeutic advice.)

Under the university’s Master Sexpert program, which is less intensive than the Love Coach program, students learn how to conduct seminars and workshops on certified courses.

Many of the courses at Loveology University offer credits for therapists, counselors and nurses whose careers require annual continuing education coursework.

Loveology University boasts a diverse faculty that brings several unique backgrounds to the learning table, ranging from a marriage counselor to a wedding dance choreographer. The university also has a full staff of love coaches, all previous graduates of Loveology. Coaches are always available on-call, offering phone sessions to discuss every aspect of the school’s teachings.

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