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Build Confidence & Self-Esteem

The following hypnosis is designed for people who want more confidence and self-esteem. Whether your lack of self-confidence is a result of personal insecurities, past experiences, failures or some kind of abuse, just know that you have the power to re-program your mind so that you feel self-confident, powerful and in control of your life. Some of the positive reinforcements used in this program include, replacing your negative insecure attitude with a positive, bolder and self-confident attitude. Through your imagination, you can reprogram your mind to live life to the fullest with confidence and in complete control of your destiny. You can follow your life’s passions in the best possible way and express life in a positive way every day.

Weight Reduction

The following hypnosis is designed for people who want to lose weight by eating less food. Whether you’re overeating is a result of emotional problems or simply physical hunger, just know that you have the power to re-program your mind so that you eat less. Visualizations include picturing the amount of weight that you want to lose, wearing the kinds of clothes you want to wear and imagining that you have a hunger scale in your mind that ranges from number one to ten. When it’s at number one, you are not hungry and when it’s at number ten, you are famished. You will always check your hunger scale before you eat not eat unless your scale is registering a number five or above. You will no longer crave all of the foods that in the past caused weight gain for you and you will become full twice as fast on half the amount of food.

Stop Smoking

The following hypnosis is designed for people who want to stop smoking cigarettes. Habits can be broken as easily as they are formed. The power of your mind is stronger than any bad habit you may have because it was created in your mind in the first place. So you have the power to reprogram your mind and eliminate your bad habit forever. Just conceive it, believe it and you will achieve it. When you get the urge to smoke, you will have the power and mindset to replace that urge with another more positive activity that will take your mind off the bad and unhealthy habit of smoking. There are twelve positive activities to choose from on this hypnosis program.

Enhance Female Sexuality

The following hypnosis is designed for women who want to enhance their sexuality. Everyone wants to enjoy a healthy, loving and exciting love and sex life, but sometimes the craving to experience and enjoy it can get in the way of actually getting it. Whether your lack of sexuality has resulted in loss of sexual desire, sexual inhibitions or lack of orgasm, the first step is to stop blaming yourself. If you constantly criticize yourself, then you create unnecessary stress which makes it impossible for you to enjoy or perform. The moment you stop worrying about how you look what you are or are not doing sexually, is when you will set yourself free, your mind and body will be free to enjoy the most pleasurable sexual experience with your lover without any limits. In this hypnosis program you will be asked to imagine that there is a seed of desire that has been planted inside you and as it gets bigger, you let go of all your inhibitions, sexual guilt or shame and you surrender to the ultimate pleasure of your sexuality because you deserve to experience the ultimate pleasure humanly possible.

Improve Male Sexuality

The following hypnosis is designed for men who want to improve their sexuality. Virtually every man will experience lack of desire, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation at some point or the other in his life. The good news is that there are many effective treatments for anxiety-caused disorders including hypnosis. If you want to increase the time you spend making love with your partner, you must disconnect your mind from your body. Don’t think or analyze, instead just respond to your body and feel what your body is asking you to do. In this hypnosis program you will be asked to imagine that you are looking at a big screen TV and on it you are watching a video of yourself making passionate love to the love of your life, your dream lover. You will conceive it, believe it and achieve it!

Dr. Ava’s Audio CDs

Soundz of Sex

Music that will get you in the mood for romance, intimacy and sex can turn a regular date into a sizzling hot memorable one. Whether you are into blues, pop or R & B, Soundz of Sex has music for everyone, but what makes it unique is that each track has the real sounds of people having sex. Listen to Dr. Ava’s seductive voice in Sexycise, Kool Whip, Je Taime, On-Line Love, Voodoo of Love and The Art of Love. If you just want to hear the raw sounds of sex with some cool music, then you’ll love On Your Knees and Sic Love Blues. If you want something a little slower, listen to Sextrology and learn about the sexual qualities of each zodiac sign.

Ava’s Hotlips CD Set Volumes 1 & 2

Ava’s Hot Lips are erotic audios that can turn a warm date into a sizzling hot one, so you can seduce your lover and give them an eargasm! Some fantasies are better off staying as fantasies through the power of suggestion. Ava’s Hot Lips erotic audio fantasies are introduced by Dr. Ava and performed by real people having the best sex of their lives. There are two CD’s with sex tales of lust on each CD. Sexual Fantasies include, masturbation, a threesome with two men and one woman, a threesome with two women plus one man, oral delights, anal sex, lesbian massage, swingers, big breasts, spanking and domination, erotic shoe store fantasy and flashing in the car.

Between the Sheets

Secrets of a sexologist for a couple who want extraordinary sex.
This is a one-hour edutainment audio that includes no-holds-barred information on:

  1. Why sex is good for your health
  2. Discovering your own sexuality
  3. Male and female turn-ons
  4. Making safe sex really sexy
  5. The secrets of erotic talk
  6. How to prolong lovemaking – using your PC muscles
  7. Discovering the elusive G-spot
  8. Keeping the flame of passion burning
  9. Making fantasies come true
  10. Most common questions on sex answered by Dr. Ava

Passion Power Program – Six CD Set

Passion Power is a personal fulfillment and sensual enrichment program for couples. It is guaranteed to improve communication, enhance intimacy, and expand sexual horizon, not to mention turn the often-serious subject of sex into adult play. Dr. Ava teaches you how to build communication, intimacy, passion and playfulness within the context of a relationship. In this package, you will learn new ways of reinventing your sexual being and listen to her discuss such topics as – why passion fades, the forgiveness process, the art of intimate communication, how to prolong lovemaking, and how to expand one’s sexual horizons. Running time approx. 60 min per audio – total of 6 hours

In just six weeks, you will learn how to:

  1. Communicate better
  2. Give standard and sexual massages
  3. Overcome your sexual inhibitions
  4. Give great oral sex
  5. Give and receive multiple orgasms
  6. Make your lovemaking last longer
  7. Talk erotically
  8. Use all 5 senses in your lovemaking
  9. Fight Fair
  10. Have a healthy, fulfilling relationship
  11. Please your partner in bed…for the rest of your life!
  12. Plus, much, much more…

Dr. Cadell has even included a copy of her book The Stock Market Orgasm, which expands upon the tips and techniques included in Passion Power, as a free bonus. So, what are you waiting for? Passion Power is going to change your life.


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